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At Harter Acupuncture, we create treatment plans to suit your individual needs. According to modern scientific research, acupuncture needles stimulate neuro-vascular nodes that stimulate healing processes throughout the whole body. This helps with increased blood flow to damaged areas, hormone and endocrine system regulation, endorphin release for pain relief, increased good feelings, and inflammation reduction. A proper combination of acupuncture points can regulate the physiological functions of the major organs in the body.

Initial Treatment and Consultation

Your first appointment includes an in-depth consultation with the acupuncturist, the acupuncture treatment, and you will discuss which treatment plan is the right one for your needs. Acupuncture treatments may include the following free of charge: Gwa Sha, TuiNa massage, Chinese Cupping, Qi Gong instruction, and TCM-based Nutritional Counseling.

Follow-up Acupuncture Treatment

Your follow-up appointment includes a short consultation and evaluation, followed by the acupuncture treatment.

90-Minute Weight Loss Treatment Plan

This treatment plan helps to harmonize your brain and digestive system so that your tastes and cravings change from the inside. The ten 90-minute sessions are a commitment to your health that include nutrition and exercise counseling. If you are on a medical weight loss plan, a weekly auricular treatment will help with stress eating, and assist with appetite control.